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Meet our easiest new membership.

Each month, take ANY 9 classes and get 1 free PRIVATE lesson for $325That's a savings of over $100!

Consistently taking 2 to 3 classes a week is where the magic happens. In addition to group classes, private classes push you to the next level fast and everything changes. We want you to experience that once a month, every month!

It takes 30 days to build a habit. Commit to your body and bring on the change. Try it for a month & you will love it.

Say yes  (Log in > Contracts & Packages > F+B Core Membership )

rules of the game:

Set your own 30 days, start any week of the month.

9 classes and the Private lesson are valid for 30-day period. Classes don’t rollover so that you push yourself to do it - it’s a challenge!

Membership renews every month.

Just give 7 days notice when you want to opt out next month.

Private lessons booked with Leyna are an extra $10.

How does this miraculous thing work?

Every month you get a swath of 4 private sessions + 6 group classes on the equipment.  Sign up for any class we offer! It's up to you and your schedule.  You don't need to use all 10 classes in a single month.  You get 3 months to use each month's classes before they expire.  They Rollover just like the minutes on your cell phone plan.

It's the only package we offer that gives you the ability to come to any type of class you want, without being tied down to one type of package. Here's an example!  Instead of waiting til next week for a Tower class that fits into your schedule (because that's the package you have) you hit the Combo class instead and move on! That means you get the best experience of the Pilates system (for the nerds) and the best fit with your busy schedule (for the New Yorkers).  

what's the deal?

Here's the deal.  It's like a ten-pack, but available only to our VIP members. Unlike all the other packages that you can just buy one of, this one works like a subscription. It refreshes each month automatically, and gives you the access to 4 private sessions + 6 group classes on the equipment. For a monthly payment of $553, you get to do tons of Pilates basically anytime you want! The initial commitment is just 4 months. After that it becomes month-to-month.  

This is as close as it gets to an Unlimited membership, with our small class size, without compromising on the high quality of instruction. 

Are you up for the challenge?  Read about how this challenge changed everything for our clients.  Better yet, feel it and see it for yourself!