flesh + bone pilates


Combo Class: Reformer + Tower

Pilates gives you the best results when you mix up the type of apparatus you use. Now Flesh + Bone streamlines this work for you with our Combination Class utilizing the Reformer and the Tower. You’ll find the versatility always built into your private and duet/trio sessions now available in this small, highly-tailored group class. Reformer does what it says—literally re-forms, equalizes, and aligns. Reformer apparatus offers support unparalleled by any other apparatus in the studio so you can go deeper; its design puts all the emphasis on the core first. Each class also expands to the Tower for systems and exercises that elaborate on the class’ focus that day. Classes last 55-60 minutes and are open to the Reformer and Tower equipment. Limited to 3 champions, smallest class in the hood!