flesh + bone pilates


Restorative Yoga for the Pilates Body

You know Pilates makes your yoga game stronger--now let yoga return the favor. Envisioned specifically with the Pilates mover in mind, Yoga for the Pilates Body takes the principles of the body you've built in Pilates and takes it into a new realm of restoration, stretching, rejuvenation. Better than a nap, restorative Yoga has the ability to release the nervous system allowing for deeper levels of relaxation. Touted in scientific studies as a great stress reducer as well as incredibly helpful in weight loss, this practice uses props and blankets to support the body in specific postures to release tired bones and achy muscles. Tailored for all levels, whether you're a pro or beginner at Yoga, you'll leave this class restored and ready to rock the rest of your day and life! Yoga for the Pilates Body is limited to 5 champions, meaning you'll get all the personal attention and adjustments you're used to in Pilates, in yoga. Namaste, babycakes!