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Studio Owner + Lead Instructor

Leyna teaches Tuesday through Saturday, and otherwise tends to business all days but Sunday, when she rests.

Leyna teaches Tuesday through Saturday, and otherwise tends to business all days but Sunday, when she rests.

Leyna Noel moved to NYC from San Francisco in the twilit embers of 2010 foremost to apprentice in the famed Romana’s Pilates and ultimately to become as bodacious and terrific a badass as her good friend Clare. Leyna cultivated a love of Pilates from study with Clare in the og postage-stamp sized flesh+bone studio around the corner in 2007. On Clare’s advice, Leyna decided to become certified to teach Pilates. She left California and was certified via Romana's Pilates by Sari Mejia Santo and Cynthia Shipley. Deeply psyched and honored to be carrying on the flesh+bone legacy, Leyna wants anyone reading this to contact her whenever there's something she can help with.





Carolina Otero Originally from Brazil, Carolina Otero began her career in movement at a very early age, including Karate, Capoeira and swimming. During her childhood, she received gymnastics and Contemporary Dance training, pursuing a career as a professional dancer. After graduating in Dance from the State University of Campinas, Brazil, she moved to New York to continue her studies at the Martha Graham Contemporary School of Dance. Introduced to Pilates in 2001 while still in Brazil, Carolina found in this practice a new self realization path, considering its invaluable benefits in order to optimize efficiency in movement and as an a tool for preventing injuries. She is currently enrolled in the Romana’s Pilates Instructor Training Program. And when not practicing or teaching Pilates, she can be found swimming or having a blast at the gym!

A former professional ballet dancer, Blair Pausley decided after years of benefitting from Pilates as a client to enroll in and complete his Romana's Pilates Certification in 2009. He sees Pilates as the most constructive technique to maintain and transform the body in line with one's goals, and every session as an opportunity for a positive and enjoyable experience. With an extensive background in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and musical theatre, Blair brings an extensive knowledge of the body to his teaching practice. His dance training began in Upstate New york and continued at The School of American Ballet. His performance credits include Chicago City Ballet, Ruth Page Chicago Ballet, and Garden State Ballet as well as various other companies.




Raised on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, Clare Amory was a barefoot BMX racing force to be reckoned with. Her love of motion and ideas eventually led her to Bard college. She graduated with a B.A. in Contemporary Dance/Choreography and moved to NYC. She discovered Pilates while rehabilitating a knee surgery in 1999. Clare began to study the matwork and after healing her knee found that she could suddenly jump higherand with more ease than she had ever been able to before. Her first private session on the equipment moved her so deeply that she immediately sought out instructor training. Classically certified by Master teachers Caitlin Cook (Joseph Pilates>Eve Gentry>Madeleine Black>Caitlin Cook) and Jennifer Deluca (Joseph and Clara Pilates>Romana Kryzanowska>Jennifer Deluca), she continued her study of anatomy with Irene Dowd. Clare studied at the most recognized studios in the city including Dragos (True pilates), Real Pilates, Power Pilates, and Re:ab. She studied closely with Steve Giordano and Cynthia Shipley and worked toward her second full Pilates certification with Romana’s Pilates. Before opening flesh + bone studio Clare not only taught in Pilates studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but also in gyms and at a Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Medicine practice. Clare taught on location for varied clients including MTV/Viacom and in The New York City Public Schools. Clare opened flesh + bone in May 2007 and is thrilled with the response.