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are you ready to look, feel and be your best?! we designed a plan so you can be and have exactly that! take the challenge and have a whole new body to show for

 whole new body challenge

20 equipment classes + 10 private sessions
in 10 weeks

 $525 a month for 3 months
 save $175!!

click here and start now.

how does it work? 
the whole new body challenge is designed for you to take 1 private session + 2 group classes per week and complete the mission in 10 weeks.  you can do it faster--up to 2 private sessions + 4 group classes--but not slower, no more than 10 weeks... that's the challenge!!! 

why does it work? 
consistency is key for a everlasting change.  the one-on-one instruction is essential to take your body and your pilates to the next level.  the variety of group classes on different equipment will make sure you utilize the entire pilates system to the max! by the end of 10 weeks, you'll have a whole new body to show for it.
what are you waiting for?!

ready to be your best?!

click here and start now.